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Best Ijmb and Jupeb Center in Ilorin [ Top 5 in 2019]

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best Ijmb center in ilorin 2019

Has it ever crossed your mind? Why do you think people fail the most in Ijmb and jupeb exams? Well, that questions shades more light on our topic. In order to make a good point in Ijmb or jupeb exams, you need to attend the best ijmb and jupeb center in Ilorin.

Welcome to my blog, i am Osas Divine. Today i have decided to carefully pick out the best ijmb center in Ilorin 2019, alongside the best jupeb center in Ilorin 2019.

Have you ever being to the market with the intent to buy fresh fishes or tomatoes?

If you haven’t, follow someone you know one day.

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Eventually, here is what happens.

You or the person will prefer to get the cheapest price and yet the biggest fish in the market, 10 times out of 15 times.

Everyone does the same, we all need the best and yet most affordable service.

The same trick applies when searching for the best Ijmb and jupeb center in Ilorin.

But hey! Look here, without telling you cock and bull stories, the best center to run a Jupeb programme in Ilorin is the University Of Ilorin.

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Yes, that is conclusive as they will provide the best student experience.

But come to think of it, there are likewise lots of things you ought to check before choosing any center for your programme.

Unilorin does not run IJMB programme, just JUPEB, but i did warn you; the fees are sky-high.

We have discovered many IJMB and Jupeb Center in Ilorin and i can boldly stand in front of a news crew to defend these centers as the best among odds that a student can rely on when thinking of the best IJMB and jupeb center in Ilorin.

It makes more sense right?

Somehow and somewhere down the road, we won’t be including Unilorin in this list, we have considered the best for you if what you want is to make 13+ points at a nominal rate.

This list is the latest and it applies to the exact date you’re reading this because our team will continually watch to see if the best becomes the worst with time and we will continue to reorder and update this list.

PS: Osas Divine Blog, is not in any way connected to any of these centers, neither have we been paid in any of these listings.

We have presented the best center for ijmb and likewise Jupeb in Ilorin base on the performances of these centers over the years and our in-depth reviews.

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Factors Osas Divine Blog Used in these ranking.

===>>> Results from Past students: 


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When we are ranking anything before the order in the education niche, we first look into the past experience. So we are considering the best base on the successes they have had and postings of 70% of students who male 13 points and above.

===>>> Learning and Living environment: 

Learning is not complete unless it’s done in a good environment. When it comes to choosing the best Ijmb or jupeb center, it’s thoughtful to consider the serene environment of where the center is located, their classroom, and hostel as well.

===>>> Standard Lectures: 

Many centers can catechize students by promising them assistance in the exam while having a poor lecture standard.

But, not only will it affect you but it’s also wise to be academically sound order than looking empty-headed in the exam hall waiting for answers to fall from the heavens. So we have put this into consideration.

===>>> Affordability: 

Due to economic grounds, not everyone can afford that high. So we have also considered reviewing the best center with pocket-friendly fees.

The rest of the factor we have used to rank this list is base on personal interviews and we reserve every of it detail upon request.


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We have been to these centers, checked their performances and concluded with this list.

5 Best IJMB and JUPEB center in Ilorin [2019]


  •  Aodac college of advanced studies ( ACAS)
  • Lumex Tutors
  • Benchmark Academy
  • Zolak Tutors
  • Galad college of advanced studies

More reviews:

Aodac college of advanced studies (ACAS)

Aodac best ijmb and jupeb center ilorin

Aodac college of advanced studies (ACAS) is the best IJMB and Jupeb center in Ilorin that anyone can rely on both night and day.

Their Ilorin center is located at 209 Lagos Road, Sawmill,  Ilorin.

Aodac standards are far better than what we have seen to others.

Their fees are likewise friendly.

Why Aodac made our Top One.

  • Their teaching environment is classical and inviting. It challenges one to love education.
  • They engage in more practical teachings and not just theories
  • 90℅ of their students make 13+ and they have kept that name till 2019
  • Their hostel is well modern and comfortable.
  • Their tutors are qualified and ready to feed you.
aodac college of advanced studies

In fact, they have always been the best and we will keep focused to see if they keep up their good performance.

With trust, we believe Aodac is the best center in Ilorin to run your Ijmb and jumping programme.


Lumex Tutors, Taiwo.

Best jupeb center in ilorin -lumex tutor

There is no center in Ilorin as meritorious as Lumex tutors, Lumex is the second best IJMB and JUPEB center in Ilorin. We would consider them the first best but we have only seen a good performance from then on JUPEB programmes.

For JUPEB, Lumex is a center that even a dullard can become excellent in 2 weeks. Their teaching standard is qualified, with zealous tutors.

Their past students result is inviting.

If you are dreaming of 15 point result the best center for you is Lumex tutor, Ilorin.

They have achieved more than enough excellence.

Lumex tutors is located at 90 Ibrahim Taiwo Rd, Ilorin.

Why Lumex made our second best:


  • They have a school bus to easily transport students living in a far distance.
  • Their lecture room is far more conducive.
  • Their tutors are qualified and they carry students along in teaching.
  • They surely make their results.

All there is that is needed in a best JUPEB center can be found in Lumex.


 BenchMark Academy, Ilorin

Best ijmb center ilorin, benchmark academy

This list will not be complete without BenchMark.

BenchMark Academy is the third best center for IJMB  programme in Ilorin.


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Our team has investigated round and we have seen so many great results they have made.

Why Benchmark academy made our Third best.


  •  Their hostel is the most conducive of all we have seen. It is very close to the lecture house.
  • Their classroom is tantalizing and comfortable for learning.
  • Benchmark students only fail except the students wants to.
  • Their fees are as well economical.

Benchmark academy is located at Unity road, beside Acess bank Ilorin, Kwara state.

However, we can only give Benchmark an upper hand for IJMB programme.

You can consider others for JUPEB.

Zolak Tutor, Educational Institute Ilorin

Give me a glass of champagne.

Guess what, 60% among 100 centers in Ilorin uses science Text-book written by Zolak.

Zolak is a great center that has always been best in terms of academics standard.

They are best in IJMB.

Zolak is located at 1 Oja-Iya Street, Taiwo Road, Ilorin, Kwara

Galad College of Advanced studies.
Galad best ijmb center in ilorin

Come rain or come shine, Galad College of Advanced study is the fifth best IJMB and JUPEB center in Ilorin as of 2019.

Galad is located at University Road, Beside Graceland Church, Tanke, Ilorin

Don’t go looking for a center that you will regret.

There is nothing the best. Get it right once and don’t waste your time and expenses.

We have provided this list base on critical research.

Stick to one of them.

Other Upcoming IJMB and JUPEB Centers to Look out for in Ilorin.


 De-wise Educational Center

(No 155, Third Floor Ostrich Bakery Building, Beside Owoniboys, Oja-Iya Junction, Taiwo Road, Ilorin Kwara State)

De-wise educational consult

De-wise is still under our review. The only factor we have found good is a conducive class-room. They get name for themselves using online medias, our team is still reviewing this center, if they are good for ijmb and jupeb or just a fancy center.

 Dynamic Educational Center

( Two centers available in Tanke)
Dynamics is likewise under review: no data now.

Best jupeb center ilorin - dynamic educational center


Best ijmb center ilorin-dynamic


You Need Some More Good and very Affordable center. Consider :

  • Probitals Educational Center ( Tipper Garage Tanke Ilorin)
  • Projectile (Asadam)

I hope you know have a good list of the best IJMB and JUPEB center to attend in Ilorin.

All the best!

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