Jamb 2020: What will jamb set in Use of English

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Use of English is the most compulsory subject for every Jambites. That is why I have decided to show you what Jamb always set in English,  from year to year.

So from today, I believe you will know what to expect in Jamb Use of English.

what jamb set in use of english


What will jamb set in use of English?


  • Comprehension Passage
  • Cloze Passage
  • Questions from the recommended Novel
  • Lexis and structure
  • Oral English

Jamb will only bring questions from the above. If you check *Jamb syllabus* they broke it down according to the above sections I just listed.

What should I expect in specific in Jamb use of English?

From Comprehension

In those days,  Jamb used to set not less than three passages in the exam. Comprehension Passage used to the most vital. That was when Jamb Use of English question where 100 in total.

Unilorin post utme cbt

But now Jamb only sets 60 questions in English.

Although they only set just one or two passages in the current system, just each question from that single passage as it was in 2018 carries more mark than any other part of the examination.

In other words, if you want to get more marks from use of English then focus on comprehension passages.

Each comprehension passage carries five questions and as I earlier stated expect just one or two passages from Jamb. Unless the system changes.

How to answer Use of English Passages

Use S.R.S.R technique.

Now that you Know what jamb set in Use of English comprehension section let me teach you how you can score high in Comprehension.

The S.R.S.R technique is very effective and if you use it you are sure of two things.

* Check my next guide on how to answer Jamb English Comprehension Passage using the S.R.S.R technique*

From Cloze Passage.

The next thing jamb set in use of English is cloze passage.
Cloze passage is the next vital part of Jamb that you will always see every year.

It is always complicated and easy to fail.

A cloze passage is like a given comprehension.
They opt out some words in the passage and mix It with other similar options.

In use of English to answer questions from close passages.  You need the knowledge of registers.
Registers are a group of related words under a family.

For example, let us use “church organization”.

Some words that have to do with church organization are;

Pastors,  offering box, church workers,  bible,  covenant e.t.c

These are termed as registers.

So, in that case, you may get a question like.

The …………. uses a Bible [A. Pastor B. Imam C. Doctor] during a……… [A. Meeting B. Sermon C. Discussion] to preach the word of God to the…….. [A. Audience B. Congregation. Crowd] in a ………. programme [A. Mosque B. Church C. Conventional ]

Many students answer cloze passages poorly, in my next article I am going to teach you how to answer questions perfectly from cloze passages this is just how Jamb sets questions from Cloze passages.

Jamb sets just 10 questions from Cloze passages.

The recommended novel.

Unilorin post utme cbt

The next section jamb set in Use of English is from the recommended novel.
Jamb definitely set questions from the recommended novel.
In the case of 2019, the recommended novel is ‘Sweet Sixteen’ By Bolaji Abdullahi.

It will most likely be used also in 2020, following the tradition that Jamb uses a novel for two years.

The questions set from the novel are usually around the range of 10 – 15 questions from the novel.

How to Answer Jamb Use of English novel perfectly.

Start reading the novel 3 months before the examination: Preparation is the major tool for success in Jamb if possible join a book review club. Present the novel in one of the book reviews. If you and your team can thoroughly review the novel there would be a very chance that you can answer any question from it.

You can also search for Past questions or likely questions from the novel.

From Lexis and structure.

Jamb past question would be empty without lexis. This is the next thing section jamb set in Use of English.
Lexis simply means words study.

It deals with your understanding of words.
Under this, you will find other branches like.


  • Synonyms ( nearest in meaning)
  • Acronyms ( Opposite in meaning
  • Sentence interpretation and Question tags.

You will get around 20 – 25 questions in total from lexis and structure

In my next article, I will likewise show you how to answer questions correctly from lexis and structure.

The last area is in Oral English.

Oral English is the hardest part for most students like me then.

That is where you will find.

  • Consonants
  • Vowels
  • Stress Patterns and emphatic Stress.


The good news is you won’t get more than 10 questions from these.

Conclusion and what to do while writing Jamb use of English

English has really affected so many jamb students
I have shown you the complete area on what Jamb set in Use of English.

So I hope you know where to study.

But before i drop my pen…..listen carefully.


  • Use of English is very technical in Jamb, study the question carefully before you answer
  • Don’t rush while answering use of English.  How will you enjoy a very hot food if you don’t settle down and eat it? How will you crack a strong bone if you’re rushing?
  • Give in your best; use your brain, not your head. And you will pass.

Stay tuned for more solid Jamb Tutorials on these areas.

Unilorin post utme cbt

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