March 8, 2019

How to get A+ in Waec English Language

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waec english language

Come to think of it, English language is a very important and core subject in the West Africa Examination Council.

Aside from that, i don’t need to tell you that when it comes to Admission processing in Nigeria institutions, without a pass/credit in Waec English Language, it would be impossible for you to study anywhere, even abroad.

In a nutshell, today i am going to teach you how to get A+ in Waec English Language Paper, in one sitting. But if this is not your first sitting, no problem, ride on.

Welcome to the center of excellence, i am “Osas Divine” your Admission coach.

Keep reading.

Strategies on how to get A+ in Waec English Language Paper

I have discovered, many students have little or no knowledge about English language, and so, therefore, they really think they can use cheats to pass waec.

Because of this, and for any other problem you would have a problem in other subjects, i wrote a very powerful guide that would suffice. You can check below.

Cheats on How to Pass waec and get A+ in all Subjects

Nigerian students are poor English speakers and at the same time poor writers.

Don’t forget the importance of English, it’s not a must you malpractice or cheat, believe me, it’s very easy to fail when you malpractice because wrong answers come and examiners are very strict these days/

Before i unveil the whole secrets on how to get A+ in Waec English Language paper, let me show you the structure of the exam.

Structure of the Examination( Theory)

In the examination, you will have to answer two papers.
PAPER 1 AND PAPER 2, this would be packed in a single section paper, which is usually written in the morning.

But after you submit that paper, you would have to wait for paper three later in the day, which is strictly Oral English.

Don’t worry we will iron all.

So let’s start with Paper Two.

Note: You just entered Our Classroom so behave like a student, sit down comfortably like to a queen or king, if you like get a glass of wine, cross your leg but don’t cross your mind and let’s learn. It’s time to claim your success. 

Lack of Preparation leads to destruction, so let me prepare you now.

You’re going to be given three sections in the exam, SECTION, A B AND C.

THE INSTRUCTION WOULD COME IN THIS MANNER:“Answer three questions in all: one question from section A and all the questions in section B and C.
Note: Could be switched at any time.

Paper 2: Section A

  • The first question and any other question is usually A letter: Eg ” A friend of yours wants to study in your school and has written to you for information and advice. Write a reply to him, telling him all that he has to know about the school.” So there is a possibility you would be given two letters, you would decide which one you would answer

  • The second question or third question would likely be an article: Eg. ” write an article suitable for publication in a national newspaper on the topic: The importance of national sports festival.

  • Then you will also get a question from a Debating topic. Eg. You’re a principal speaker in a debate, on the motion: Instead of free education, we should have free medical care. Write for or against the motion.

  • The last section would be a story eg. Write a story ending with the statement: We apologized to each other and reconciled.

Good news! You must answer only one from this section and whichever you are writing, it must not be less than 450 words.

I am only going to give you a basic foundation on how to answer questions from this section.
Because i have covered each of them in a separate article.

Click here for ” How to Write a perfect Letter in Waec English Language 

Click here for ” How to Write a Perfect Debate Topic in  Waec English Language” 

Click here for ” How to write a perfect Article in Waec English language 

Click here for ” How to answer a perfect Story in Each English language Paper” 


  • Do exactly as you are told. For instance, you’re told to pick one from section A, make sure it is only one, doing otherwise all in the name of getting more marks is ” I too know and will only yield to deduction of marks”
  • You are told not to write less than 450 words, that does not, mean you count every single word in your answer, that would be silly and time-wasting, it must flow naturally, by the time i teach you what you do, you will have a perfect idea of how to pass this instruction, but make sure you don’t write heaven and earth, if not you’re proving to the examiner that you’re such a guru, and they will start checking your spellings and punctuations. So keep it natural.
  • In no account must you copy anybody, the examiners are very strict and intelligent. Suppose they see two same answers in this section, both you and the other person would be penalized. SO MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE LINK ABOVE TO LEARN HOW TO WRITE YOURS PERFECTLY WITHOUT COPYING ANYONE
  • Make sure your work is neat an sensible, don’t write off point. Eg, describing situations that do not have any business with the topic. Always remember the examiners are strict. You can’t bribe the examiners, because you can’t know where they are going to mark your script. 
  • Feel free to answer anyone you know how to do best each question carry equal marks. The total mark for this is 50.

Paper 2: Section B and C

Section B is a comprehension passage with preceding questions, usually within the range of Letter A to I, i mean The questions under the passage would be, a, b, c sometimes to h or i.

This section carries 20 marks.

Most students find it difficult to answer the comprehension passage because sometimes to read and understand is a problem.

Enrol jupeb

it’s a good advantage if i was the one unlike Jamb Use of English where you have to answer in an objective manner, but in this case, you have to write out your answer with your own words.

There is a high chance you can make it because i have dealt with this topic already. Using the S.R.S.R technique, it works for any exam.

Click here for ” How to Use the S.R.S.R. Technique to Answer Comprehension in any exam” This works for any examination.

For section which is a Summary Passage, the best thing is also to Use the S.R.S.R Technique to answer the question. It works like Magic.



So your remaining marks would come from paper 1, which are all objectives, good for you, but this where you need smartness not just intelligence, with cases of similar questions.

Overall Things to do to get A+ in Waec English Language Paper.

  1. Get Prepared before the examination.
  2. Study Words Meaning and spellings
  3. Study Sentence Constructions
  4.  Study Letter writing, debating topics, essay, and articles.
  5.  Practice Having a good Handwriting
  6.  Practice with Waec Past questions Many past questions.
  7.  Don’t be too slow or over fast in the examination
  8. Write your answer in a rough sheet before filling it inside the answer sheet, so that you don’t rough your answer sheet why cleaning mistakes.
  9. Tick with a sharp pencil, do not paint it. Examiners love clean work.
  10.  In your theory,  be very careful, don’t spell wrongly,  quietly ask a friend if possible,  you would get a little minus score for your spellings, in section A for most examiners.
  11.  Let your writing has spacing, Don’t compress your work too much all in the name of managing paper. Ask for an extra sheet if possible
  12.  Think before you answer anything. Don’t be too much in a hurry.
  13. Don’t get distracted by anyone remain focused.

This is the best tip I have for now on how to get A+ in Waec English Language paper, if you can successfully do as i say you would get A+ in one sitting.


It’s good to read this guide to guarantee your success
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