Unilorin Admission Status Checker 2020

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unilroin admission status check

The University of Ilorin remains a top trending Institution in Nigeria. We have designed a platform to help students know their Admission chances. Unilorin Admission Status checker would analyze your admission chances in 2019/2020. You would find the tool Below.

How to Use Unilorin Admission Status checker

In this current 21st century of Admission system in Nigeria, if you want to truly secure admission into the University of Ilorin at the absolute prime; then you must understand how the admission works and your chances of admission in other to know how and what to do.
with this tool, we will.
  • Collect some information from you.
  • Match your information with some set of rules strategies of Admission in our algorithm.
  • We would then forward the result to your email.
  • Whatever your result is, we would provide recommendations on how to improve on any area, if possible before the next admission processing.

Information We need to Calculate your Admission Status (Chances)

Full name: 
We will save your information and result in our database and give you a password to always check and access Your result and also view the recommendations which only you can access, but first, you would have to create an Account.

So we need your name to Save your data.

Unilorin Admission status checker does not share any of these with any third party.

State of Origin: 
We need your state of Origin to calculate your admission status. In our algorithm, we make reference to your catchment which is used in a strategic way. Please provide the state of origin that you used or will use for your admission Processing.
O’level result: 
Your O’level result is an important part of your admission processing. We would use your O’level result in our sets of precontrive rules.
Without your O’level result, we cannot effectively calculate or check your admission status/chances.
When providing your O’level details fill in all the subjects you have in that result. And place your credits level for each subject.

If you’re using two sitting, signify two sittings and fill in all your subjects.

Unilorin admission status checker processes your result with this.

Course applied for: 
This is a necessity for our unilorin admission status checker.
As we all know the University of Ilorin is very good at changing courses, if there is any possibility that your course would be changed we would show it in your result.
Fill in the course you applied for and signify if you put that course as Unilorin first, second or third choice.
If you applied for Unilorin with Jamb signify jamb as your qualification, if you used ijmb, signify ijmb as your qualification and so on.
Please note; We don’t yet have any data for Nd, Nce or Hnd direct entry Applicant.
Our algorithm can only calculate your score depending; if you use either Jamb, Ijmb, jupeb or Remedial.
We are working on others and it would be rolled in with time.
Remember to specify the points or mark you obtained in your qualification it would be matched with some set of rules that applies to the course you choose.
Post Utme Score: 
We cannot calculate your Admission chances for Unilorin 2019/2020 without your post Utme score.
But that those not mean you should not try this tool.
Once you have your Jamb/Direct entry Result available. You can go ahead and try this tool, but we would not rate it in full. Once you have written your Post-utme. Go to your account panel (the link to your account panel would be mailed to you.
Other things we may need: 
If we need any other information to effectively calculate your score you would see it while submitting your information.

Click Here: Unilorin Post utme Guide how to Prepare and pass Unilorin Post utme

Our Algorithm Calculator

In other, for us to give you an absolutely correct and concise result. We have collected some data and Unilorin Admission processing requirements.
We have also collected some set of rules that apply to Admission to the University of Ilorin and we use it to calculate your Admission chances.

You can check this guide to have some of the basic ideas we use to calculate Unilorin Admission:

Please Note: Our algorithm is not analyzed by a machine or computer. We have some set of expertise on the field ( Humans ) who have studied Unilorin admission processing very well and these people are ready to help you for free.

Unilorin post utme cbt

We recommend using this tool very early enough in case we suggest anything you can fix before the admission starts.

Getting Started with this Tool

1. Log into “ Unilorin Admission Status Account creation panel “. And fill in your details to create an account for you.
Make sure you provide correct information and use a password you can remember.
Use an email that you can quickly get information with.
Use a Telephone number that can quickly alert you, if possible use your whatsapp Number.

2. After Submitting it: You would receive an email from enquiries@unilorinhelpmate.com.ng”
The mail contains a link to verify your account, once your account has been verified, you will receive another email with the link, and login details to your account.

3. Once you login to your free account, you would find a place to, click on start checking my admission status

4. Fill in the required information, then submit.

5. Kindly wait for at least 5 hours, so that our team can review your request and calculate your admission status/chances for the 2019/2020 session.

6. You can always click here ” Go to my Account Panel” To take you directly to your account, after creating an account. If you have submitted your request you can view the status if it has been answered in your account panel.

Take Note: The guarantee of our result that it would be exact in the main admission processing is only 80% accurate. Base on some sets of rules that the school cannot ignore while calculating your admission status.

Using this Unilorin Admission status checker for the 2019/2020 session is absolutely free of charge.

Once again we are your admission guidance ” Subscribe and follow us for more” leave a comment below if you have any question.

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