How to Prepare and Pass Jupeb 2020/2021 Final Examination

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how to prepare and pass Jupeb entrance examination

I once wrote Jupeb Entrance Examination while processing my Unilorin Admission. Actually, that was what I used to secure admission at last into the University of Ilorin after much struggle with Jamb.

Jupeb is a very good alternative for admission to jamb especially those that don’t have time anymore to start over from 100 level.

As part of my mission to see people get admission, I believe that Jupeb works and that is why I have decided to teach you today, how to prepare for Jupeb and pass Jupeb entrance examination in the case of 2020/2021 session.

Jupeb 2019 exam was great! A lot of candidates did well. A lot of candidates are waiting for their result to be processed to they can start working out their admission.

Welcome to the hallmark of Admission success I am your “Osas Divine” Your Admission Coach.

Keep reading.


If you are planning to write jupeb, let me give you some tips to pass jupeb.

Unilorin post utme cbt

Some say Jupeb examination is hard others say it’s not!

Which do you believe in?

If you point that question back to me I will say; Yes it’s very hard, and at the same time I will say it’s not hard.

It all depends on you, and how studious you can be in terms of taking the jupeb entrance examination.

I wrote Jupeb once and I made 13 points and got admission to study Computer Science at the University Of Ilorin. Shockingly, there are many cases of student’s who score 2 points, 4 points 6 points and even 0 points in Jupeb entrance examination.

But likewise, I am happy you found this website today because I am going to teach you exactly how to get serious with jupeb and get 13 points and above.

To pass Jupeb entrance examination, then you must take this guide seriously. Don’t go and mess up because the cost of writing Jupeb exam is too high to waste, I am going on this journey with you if you permit.

My duty first is to prepare you very well for the exam and give you all the juice to pass Jupeb entrance examination.

 What to do if you must Pass Jupeb Entrance examination: Prepare

Sometimes I keep asking what amount of preparation is enough for Jupeb, yet the answer I keep getting is, no preparation is enough for Jupeb.

It all moves down to how intelligent you are.

But is the exam that difficult?

Like I said, to say whether it is difficult depends on your brain and your amount of preparation, although many jupeb student’s prepare very hard for the exam but still fail, so what should you do in other not to end up like them.

  1. Attend a very good Jupeb based Lecture
  2. Prepare according to Jupeb Syllabus
  3. Practice Jupeb Past questions every time
  4. Don’t rely on Jupeb Malpractice
  5. Be prayerful



Whether or not you will pass Jupeb depends on your medium of preparation and this varies from center to center.

The textbooks they use for teaching and mode of teaching greatly matters.

Don’t just prepare or attend Jupeb classes for attending sake.

There are many centers that claim to be preparing Jupeb student’s yet the quality of their teaching is so thin.

It would be difficult for you to pass Jupeb examination if you don’t attend classes, and please be mindful of the center you choose to attend for Jupeb classes.

Jupeb entrance examination is different so, attend a professional lecture center.
Jupeb has a syllabus preparing outside it would be a total waste of time, whether in class or, personal study get the current 2020/2021 Jupeb Syllabus and use it as a guideline for study.

Meanwhile, it is a must for all student’s who wants to pass Jupeb entrance examination to have Textbooks.

So you can also get the jupeb recommended textbooks.

Unilorin post utme cbt

Jupeb is just an objective examination, not theory so there would be no need for stories, so study straight to point.


Likewise, Jupeb is just an objective exam, so if you can be able to chew enough past questions you will make pass the exam.

But if you ignore past questions then it’s so unfortunate you’re lowering your chances.

Past questions are the prophecies of the examination, i can bet you, 50% of past questions are repeated in Jupeb examination.

During my time we were not allowed to go with the Past questions, being obvious that the questions would be spread, Jupeb always repeats past questions so get a valid past question and prepare.

Most of what you will get is Likely questions, correct Jupeb past questions would be more effective.


The day you start casting your hope on malpractice is the day you wrote your name on the list of people who failed.

I hope you say God forbid to that.

Success depends on your sacrifice.

Being curious about passing should not let you put your hand in a fire, always believe in yourself.

I have a very close friend, she was promised answers in the examination hall in a 100% rate that she prepared less believing that her center will feed her with answers in the examination hall since she paid for it.

But guess what, no answers came in, not even one till the end of the examination, after being promised. And that was a sweet 3 Points for her.

Don’t be fooled, by those websites only asking you to come to their center for Jupeb runz, promises are good but keep them is hard.

That was when i realized that me, my book and my brain is the best hope i have for myself.


If a God exists in your life and you value your success spare some time and talk to him. Prayer still works.

These are the best tips i have for you to pass Jamb entrance examination in 2020/2021.

How is jupeb exam conducted?

Another important question one might ask is, How is jupeb exam conducted?

Jupeb is clearly known as one of the most trusted and respected programme that could be used to secure 200 level admission into the University .

Jupeb exam is conducted in a yearly base and the programme runs for 8- 12 months.

Basically, jupeb examination is accepted by 80% of a federal Universities in Nigeria and it guarantees you admission without Jamb.

Unilorin post utme cbt

After paying for the programme upon application, series of lectures would be given to you to prepare you for the main exam.

The main exam comes in just objectives questions and practicals included for science students.

Jupeb exam is PPT (paper and pen test) and not CBT ( computer based test).

Jupeb examination usually takes place in June or July yearly after a student has completed the programme.

If you still want information about Jupeb, leave a comment.


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28 thoughts on “How to Prepare and Pass Jupeb 2020/2021 Final Examination”

  1. Unilorin post utme cbt
    1. If you mean Jupeb 2019/2020 it is already ongoing and the exam would commence June 17th 2019. Jupeb examination is general for every institution.

  2. am planning to go to a polytechnic and applying for jupeb the following year what are the necessary to know about jupeb e.g fee etc and how the admission works

  3. if you score below mark of your course cutoff mark but pass jamb would the course i choose be changed nd what are the chances of enterin unilorin

  4. Do you mean that the entrance exam…..I mean the exam one writes before being qualified to run the real program… you mean it’s objectives only

    1. Basically,you do not need to write any entrance exam to qualify for Jupeb programme in any institution. All you do is buy the form, register and start the programme immediately, there is no exam taken to qualify you to run the programme.

      After the programme, then that is when you get to write your exam which will give you your jupeb certificate and that exam only has objectives. There are no theory questions in jupeb examination as a whole; apart from normal practical for science students.

      Labake, I hope you understand better now?

      1. Yes, jupeb allows a calculator. Oau doesn’t conduct an entrance exam as a federal institution. They are expected to enroll you directly for the programme.

  5. Please am confused too they said am going to write entrance exam for jupeb ile-ife I don’t know what to read

    1. If it is required, seek the attention of any staff in the center. On a normal case, you do not need any entrance exam in centers like Unilorin, Unilag, and few others, i don’t know about ile-ife.

  6. first of all sir, this article has been the only important article ive read concerning jupeb so far..other sites are just looming for one way or the other to extort money from the mass…second, what about the entrance exam before the main jupeb lectures begin, can you say something on that?? thank you

    1. Not all institutions set Jupeb entrance exam before the programme begins. Because it is a normal programme where you are expected to learn for nine to twelve months before the main exam.

      Normally you are to register then pay, I don’t think any entrance exam would disqualify you because normally you are there to learn unless you are not serious as a whole.

    1. Well sometimes, the center you registered in can organize tests to prepare you for the main exam which is normal.

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