March 3, 2019

Top 15 Tips to Pass Jamb in One Sitting

Osas Divine
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How to pass Jamb

Wow! you made it here. Congrats because you just Clicked the button of 300+ in Jamb. Do you wish to share the same story others nag about how they have been writing Jamb for Three Years, Four years to eight years? I guess not! So today i am going to give you 15 tips that really… really work on how to pass Jamb Once and for all.

Welcome to the solution center, i am ‘Osas Divine‘ Your Admission Coach.
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“If you want to excel in Jamb in one sitting then, learn from other’s mistake”

 Learn from other people’s mistakes. It will not take a rocket scientist to do that.

So bad, we often DON’T like to learn from other people’s mistakes.

First of all, you want to do things in your own way.

Secondly, you think those people’s mistakes were for their own foolishness (I guess the crude way of saying this is that you believe so much in yourself.) And you may judge those who keeps failing Jamb as bull-headed, weak-willed, and shallowed brain, but hey, who would say THAT to somebody?

Let me assure you that this is the last year you will ever come around to read something like this because i am going to show you something that really works.

If you have not read my previous guide on ‘how to Pass Jamb in 2019‘ Then quickly hop in because if you want to blast Jamb this year then you should be ready for anything.

After reading that, and reading this; then that means you are prepared to blast Jamb.

Once again if this is your first time of writing Jamb. Then lucky you, because this year you must pass Jamb in One Sitting.

One thing I discovered lately is students don’t like to read that much. If they had their way, they would prefer not to read.

That prompt me to write a very interesting post on

 “how to Love and Enjoy reading while preparing for Jamb.“(read this guide)

Another case study shows that many students study but yet don’t score high In Jamb.

That will only lead us to the Question; Is it possible to read and Prepare for Jamb and still fail?

Well, the answer is Yes.

That is why the Number tip I will give you is:


  1. Get Drunk In Study
  2. Pick Your Friends Like beans
  3. Cut down your social life
  4. Stop working hard start working smart
  5. Burn your candles in two ends
  6. Stop Studying Alone
  7. Get jamb mobile Ctb apps and P.Q
  8. Teach people what you Know
  9. Attend Jamb Tutorial
  10. Stop Excessive eating
  11. Don’t ever be afraid. 
  12. Give yourself a nickname
  13. Believe and be prayerful
  14. Do not Malpractice
  15. Take part in Jamb Mock


Top 15 Tips to Blast Jamb in One Sitting


1. Get drunk with Study.

Here is what I mean.

Many people read and Prepare for Jamb,  yet they don’t get admission,  even if they cross the cut-off mark.

“If your Cut-off mark is 210 and you scored 220. That fails.”

We have emerged in an era whereby the rate of Admission demand has increased,  these days they start picking from those who scored the highest.

That is why you must score above your cut-off mark with at least 30 points.

Enrol jupeb

“So if your cut-off mark is 210, you must not get 240, below.”

Take it from me, if you want to get admission this year, this Is the surest way.

To achieve it, mare reading will not help.

Did you hear that? I reiterate  Mare reading will Not help in this era of Admission in Nigeria.

That is why We suggested something That you have never heard for all Jamb students. It is called the “Drunk Study”

Preparation or study as the case may have Levels, the level of Preparation at which I want you to start Using today is the Drunk type.

Intoxicate yourself with reading.

Scientists do say,  too much reading is bad!

Learn more: How to pass jamb without studying

Exact, but what I mean by drunk study is this.

Increase the amount of time you give into study. Do it in excess,  take a break and resume.

Take not; the best time to start Drunk study technique is at least one month before your exam.

Enrol jupeb

If you do this, then you are aiming for 300 plus.

Study More,  More, till the end of More.

2. Pick Your Friends Like beans.

I can tell what you will score in Jamb from the company you keep.

The people you roll with, will either make you or Mar you.

” You can never fly like an eagle when you cling around chickens”

If you are a science student,  you should roll only,  and only with science students like you are.

If your friends are the type that does not call you to study but call you only for gossips, games, parties; whatever.

Then you are likely going to get affected by those kinds of friends.

Recap. It’s time to select your friends and company you keep. Sit down and pick them like beans or you will chew stones this year.


3. Cut down your social life.

Two kinds of social life that affects students.
(a) Online social media’s
(b) Physical Social affairs

Facebook is becoming overly engaged every single minute of the day.

Nowadays,  students don’t have time for themselves anymore.

You know what I am talking about,  if you are not In WhatsApp, you are on Facebook.  In either way, something on your phone always draws your attention more than your books draw your attention.

Learn more: How to study jamb past question.

You just can’t do without pressing that phone.

Enrol jupeb

Yes, social media helps you get information fast. But you have to reduce it.

If the temptation is too much download app blocker apk and set your app to run only in a specific time.

In a nutshell,  unless you pay a sacrifice to stop getting to attached to your phone you can never pass Jamb in One Sitting,  take it or leave it.

The same thing goes to your physical social life.

Drop too much of the friends’ stuff, for now, the only friends you must have are your study mates.

And to conclude,  refrain from party lifestyles.

4. Stop working hard, start working smart.

Yes, Hard work used to pay. But there is something that is now better than hard work and That is working smart.

You can study hard but still fail Jamb,  but if you study Smart you will never Fail Jamb.

#How to Work Smart
Use the smart G.A.S theory.

Smart G.A.S Theory


G – Grab fast


A – Analyze Fast


S – Spit Out.

Many students spend forever just to understand a passage or understand a particular book.

But smart students don’t waste time, they grab fast (understanding) and then they will analyze fast ( pounder on it) and then they are ready to spit it what they have grabbed anytime.

If you can’t do this, you still have a long way to go.

Smart students don’t waste time while reading. Their brain is hot and quick.

Jamb is not a place to tell stories just give them the answer in one click.

That is why only smart student’s score high in Jamb.

What you must learn now are smart work and smart study and stop wasting your time.

5. Burn your Candles on both ends.

I know I am going to catch you here.

When last did you study at night?

Enrol jupeb

Students are all committed-phones. They scan, skim, and browse, but rarely do they read.

Our eyes ping-pong back and forth from Facebook posts to open media’s, but barely have time for study.  Average time spent online is two minutes.

Just that two minutes of night study can change your life.

Scientists have revealed that studying at night can help grow your brain.

1-hour night study is more effective than 5 hours day read.

Due to the activities that your brain engages in a day. Your brain would be too occupied to grab too much.

” Your brain will always retain Whatever you study at night, so start Midnight study”


6. Stop Studying Alone. 

I hear people say that you will understand more when you study alone.

While it matters from individual to individuals always remember that there are much more benefits of studying with a group.

If you want to Pass Jamb once then get involved in Group study.

You will always remember what you learned from a group study. 


7. Get jamb mobile Ctb apps and P.Q

All thanks to Flash Learners CBT app and Myschool CBT app, these apps are very effective.

Many people tie their heads to textbooks.

Who says textbook doesn’t help?


But I like to let you know that,  for your brain to understand fast then teach it one thing with different methods.

If you choose online study;   better.
Most uniquely study with Past questions. 

8. Teach people what you Know.

If you have ever tried this method then you will know how effective it is.

This is my favorite.

First,  you can’t teach what you don’t know.

Secondly,  as you teach you will likely locate your weaknesses from your defaults.

You will always be a master at what you teach.



Gather your friends and start teaching each other various topics. 

The result will shock you.

9. Attend Jamb Tutorials.

Many of us are very weak academically,  you may find it difficult to understand on your own.

Attending tutorials will give you another boost because you will learn from others.

You can ask questions you don’t understand from your colleagues and lecturers.

If you would prefer online tutorials due to the cost of Tutorials.

Learn more: How to study for jamb 2020

Then visit ” Our online tutorial class at Osas Divine Blog” you can get almost any lectures you want for free in the classroom and as well meet other students.

10. Stop Excessive eating.

If you eat too much, your brain will become lazy.

Yet, if you eat less your brain will become weak.

Eat moderately. Your feeding life will always impact your academics.

Don’t eat less, don’t eat too much.


11. Don’t be afraid.

Whenever Jamb is drawing Closer,  students start having fears or get nervous.

This is a normal human nature.

But the bad news is; Fear begets failure.

You can only fail? When you believe you will.

Drop those fears. Whatever happens, take it as life.

12. Give yourself a nickname.

Here is how it works.

It’s just my personal strategy.

Sometimes back when I wanted to write Jamb, I nicknamed my self; Osas 300.

I urged my friends and family to be calling me Osas 300.

Funny right?

Unfortunately, I made 291.

Yes, there is power in vision. But visions with actions is motionless.

If you want to see good results try something you have never done before. There is always some sense in nonsense.

13. Believe and be Prayerful.

Whatever religion you Believe in, let me share a secret truth with you.

“All work without God is cursed.”

Many students believe so much in their brain, forgetting the brain forgets.

I tell you nothing but the truth,  not because I am a religious person.

2016, I graduated from secondary school. But I was just in Senior secondary school one then (Ss1)

In that year I won an award as the best and most outstanding student in Benin City.

I wasn’t intelligent in any way to shock you. Most of the Question I answered I guessed them all.

Yet I have crowned the best student in the whole of Benin City. In the year 2016.

God qualifies the unqualified and disqualifies those who claim to be qualified. 

Take it or leave it.  Believe and prayers work.

14. Don’t Malpractice.

Do you remember how I started this guide?

“If you want to pass Jamb in One Sitting. Learn from other people’s mistakes.”

I don’t believe in malpractice I tried it two times and failed two times.

These days it is very difficult to do malpractice in Jamb.

My case is enough to teach you a lesson. I spent N10, 000 for Jamb runz. And not helped me.

Jamb is different from Waec. You can pass Jamb without cheating.

15.  Take Part in Jamb Mock.

Finally at last. These 15 tips will assuredly make you pass Jamb in one sitting.


During the exam cross-check your work before you submit. After submission Don’t go home and start playing off, pray and be hopeful.
I wish for you that this would be the last time you will ever write Jamb.
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