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Jamb series 1: How to pass Jamb mathematics

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Do you agree with me that mathematics is one of the most challenging subjects in jamb that makes you score lower? If that is the case,  today I am going to show you how to pass jamb mathematics

Welcome to osasdivineblog our Jamb series starts today and i am glad you joined me, this is the most reliable examination blog that guides you on how to make any Examination perfectly.

Today our focus in on a very crucial topic ” How to pass jamb  mathematics with three simple steps “

I am “Osas Divine” your admission coach keep reading.

How To Pass Jamb Mathematics in three simple steps. (Jamb series 1)

The good news is! You don’t have to be a scholar or a guru to pass jamb mathematics.


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The bad news is! If you don’t know much on mathematics before then you have to put in some serious efforts.

Anyone can get a very high score in mathematics if you understand some few basic rules.

Right from the onset, I have always had a mathematics phobia and I never really enjoyed mathematics class.

Does that mean I didn’t pass mathematics in jamb? Wink!

I did, I understand that I am not the only one who had a total dislike for mathematics,  I know you also have some fear for mathematics and today we are going to tackle that fear and believe me after reading this you are entitled to score high in Jamb mathematics.

All you need to do is follow this three-step and it’s going to be a guarantee that when next you sit for jamb you would definitely pass jamb mathematics,  I hope you enjoy my jamb series: 1 on how to pass jamb mathematics.

Let’s ride on.

Content in this series

Step 1: Building a foundation – Get equipped

Step 2: Self Bombardment -perfect yourself

Step 3 : Dealing with the exam

Before I start this Jamb series officially let me do two things that are very obligatory and fundamental for this series.


Has anyone told you that jamb mathematics is difficult?

Have you been failing as well in jamb  Mathematics?

Do you think mathematics is hard to understand?

Then always remember this!

Nothing is difficult in this life unless you believe it is, nobody has two brain or some set of magical brain it all depends on you and this question. 

Are you ready to learn?

If your answer is No, then you need to work on your self or better still go for a course that doesn’t require mathematics.

If your answer is yes, then you’re in the right place.


There are two sets of people reading this article now.


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Those that are already good in mathematics but just want to see if there is anything else they have to know and those who are really here to learn.

If possible bookmark this page and come back later if you’re not ready

I need You to focus very well without your readiness to learn you would just read this with nothing to write home about.

So sit majestically or whatever position Suits you,  cross your leg but don’t cross your mind.


Mathematics is very different from other subjects,  so different don’t you think.

You know subjects like English,  history biology you just need to be able to understand some few terms memorize some definitions.

You can memorize other subjects being that you only need to provide terms and nothing so technical.

Anyone can read and understand those subjects all by themselves.


Do you want a quick and frequent update? Get Unilorin Latest Daily News On the Unilorin News App, it’s 100% free and reliable.

But when you get to mathematics! Omg! You have to really open your brain because you can’t memorize problems,  you can only solve them.

More precisely,  mathematics is indeed a serious subject and my intention today is to teach you how to pass jamb mathematics easily.

The first step is to have a foundation in mathematics, simply put; a background knowledge.

You can never ever understand advanced mathematics or make it in jamb if you don’t understand the basic mathematics.

Before anything else, hear this out.

What you must know first!


Mathematics is all about problem-solving, if you can solve a given problem you’re good to go.

So here is what to do.

Start by learning 10 formula’s and principles everyday. 

English language is to rules as mathematics is to formula.

90% of mathematics deals with formula.

So you’re preparing to write mathematics in Jamb let me ask you.

How many formulae can you use now?

If you know formula’s you can solve any question that comes your way.

To be frank, there is no way you would get to answer questions correctly without formula.

To answer any questions use formula.

The problem is, some formula is difficult to understand.

That’s why you also need to understand the principles behind formals.

That’s to say it’s not all about memorizing formula’s but knowing how it works and how to use them.

Some formula has some restrictions you must know in order to perfectly utilize them for instance in order to use the quadratic formula you must understand the quadratic in standard form.

You would get stock up while trying to use formula if you don’t know the principles behind them,  don’t forget a human like you created and derived them.

Let me make this easier for you to understand, in a calculus course it’s not terribly hard to memorize the formula for integration by parts for integrals.

However, if you don’t understand the major principle and how to actually use the formula to identify the appropriate parts of the integral you will find the memorized formula worthless.

So my advice,  it’s not about cramming formula’s but knowing how it works.


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When you know the formula enough then you have eventually build your foundation on mathematics.

To get all this in a perfect match you need to:

1. Study and Use The formula’s you learn every day.

Knowing a formula once and not working on it would actually be a waste of time learning it.

If you don’t practice the formula’s every day you can’t use them well. Practice makes you perfect.
So in other to get it right.

Start attending mathematics tutorials for jamb.

If you keep learning those formula’s every day, believe me, it would become a part of you.

But if you can’t afford or attend jamb tutorials study on your own with jamb mathematics textbooks or with your friends who offer mathematics as well.

Just make sure you practice and make use of those formulae.

2. Have a separate note that contains all the formula’s you have studied. 

Remember I said,  study at least within five to ten formula’s a day.

If you keep doing this you’re building your foundation in mathematics.

A building with a strong foundation can never go down.

But if you limit your space you’re eventually building a limited foundation

Give your time to mathematics so that even if you’re sleeping and they ask you to state the almighty formula you would just spring it out.

3. Practice more with past questions. 

As you study formula and some basic mathematics principles.

Balance it with jamb past questions and answers.

In case you haven’t heard.
Past questions are the most necessary tool to use if you don’t want to fail jamb.

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The conclusion to step 1: You need to know so many formula’s and principles.
That is the first step towards passing any exam.

Attend classes and study past questions to master them and use past questions to practice them.


Hey! You will never be good in mathematics by just going to class, following the tutors lecture and solving assignments.

If you want to score High in Jamb mathematics you must be actively involved in a very personal learning process.

Yes, you’ve got to attend tutorials. You’ve got to take a good set of notes. You’ve got to solve assignments, even if the tutors don’t assign any.

But most significantly you need to prepare yourself deeply, you’ve got to study and prepare yourself on a regular schedule, not just the nights or few days before exams.

In other words, you need to be involved in a self-learning process.

If you’re willing to spend a couple of hours studying before every day by yourself I have no doubt that you would blast the exam. You will find that mathematics is so easier than you think.

But if you’re not willing and you keep running away from it or just rely on classes then mathematics would keep running from you.

I won’t lie to you my friend, If you ain’t willing to be actively involved in the process of learning mathematics, both inside and outside of the classroom, then you will find it hard to score high in mathematics exam.

Mathematics is actually easy for those that give it their time.

Just follow the following process. 

1. Study mathematics on your own every day use the formula’s you learned in step 1 to work on your own.

2. Go online and study more mathematics tips. 


You would find large mathematics resources on Google or pdf’s to advance your learning.

Personally, do more research and always try to apply whatever you have studied.

The more you build yourself personally the more equipped you would get and discover that mathematics would be your favorites subjects.

Conclusion: Don’t just rely on classes. Use your phone and other methods to personally equip yourself.

Study and solve problems every day.  The more problems you solve the better.

Study and solve your assignments every day if you attend a tutorial.

When you get an error in your assignment or you don’t know how the answer came about trying to understand what the error is known where It’s coming from, never ignore errors no matter how little. Search for something about the mistake you made so that you won’t make the same mistake again.

If you discover that you continually come across silly arithmetic or notational mistakes then slow down when you are working the problems.

Never rush mathematics,  if not you would clash and mix things up.

Most students get errors while solving mathematics because they get in a hurry and don’t pay attention to what they are doing.

When you find yourself keep making mistakes or not getting the right answer on one particular type of topic or a problem then it means you don’t have a really good knowledge of the concept behind that problem.

Get back on your notes or textbook find more examples on it; you can get online if no enough examples on your textbooks and figure out where you are getting it wrong.


Now you have understood some basic necessities to work on before the examination.

Let’s now focus on the major area which is the exam.

Remember that you must already be studying before the examination.
Cramming used to be an old tradition it no longer works.

Not for mathematics for that matter.
If you don’t understand it then you don’t know it.

Remember to test yourself with jamb CBT apps before the exam in other to know where you are still weak and not to improve.

Just do the following. 

1. Before the exam BE RELAXED

If you don’t relax before starting the exam you may blank out and forget all you studied.

So try and relax take something chilled before the exam.


If you want to know the real juice on how to pass Jamb mathematics then understand that it’s not all about intelligence but smartness. I mean you have to be smart as you take the exam.

First of all, solve all the problems that you KNOW you can do very well.

Second, solve all the questions that you think you can do but aren’t too sure.

Last, go back and solve the remaining problems. In this way, you will get all the points that you know you can get from jamb mathematics


Don’t spend so much time trying to get the points for one problem! Always check your time and be efficient.  If you spend more than 3 minutes in a question you are too slow.

You won’t be able to finish the exam and you would eventually lose more points than you gained by wasting more time and ignoring others remember you need to cross check your work.

4.  If You’re Stuck on a question Move ahead. 

If you find that you’re stuck on a question, move ahead to another question and come back later to finish the ones you didn’t answer.

How to Solve difficult problems.

We’re still in our jamb series on how to pass jamb mathematics.

Now let me give it a finishing touch and teach you how to answer difficult problems.

Step 1: Read the question to get the idea of what you’re being asked to calculate or solve.

It is very important to read and understand the question first. So many students just scan the question and assume they know what to do if you don’t understand the question don’t solve.

Step 2: Read the question Again.

First, you read to know what the question is asking you to do this time around check the parameters you’re given in the question and take note of what  you’re to find or solve for…if you have a sheet by you jot them in with a pencil,  pens are not allowed in jamb, take note.

So if you know any formula’s to solve the problem use it or Devise a Plan. Try to figure out what you need to solve the question.

See if there are any idea, break it down and see if you have any sure answer.

Solve another  Similar question. If you can’t figure out how to answer the question then find another similar question that is easier then use the idea for the harder ones.

I wish you all the best.
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