March 5, 2019

How to Prepare and Pass Jamb Excellently in 2020

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how to pass jamb

Think about the times you are going to invest into reading, think about all the times you will put in to prepare for Jamb, think about all the books you will read and tell me; what will happen if you fail Jamb? This is why I have decided to show you the only formula on how to pass Jamb 2020 that only a few people will show you.

Warning: This article you’re about to read is very comprehensive and a bit long, please don’t get tired of reading, we advise you to bookmark this page and patiently read because every information is intended to help you score 300 above in Jamb 2020! Enjoy.

Dear JAMBITE, remember this; mum and dad are waiting for you to wear your matriculation gown.

Your friends are waiting to tell you congratulations and here you are still struggling to pass Jamb.

Is it really true that you didn’t do well in your last utme examination or this is your first time to sit for Jamb?

Look, a lot of intelligent people fail jamb, so if you are boasting about being intelligent then I advise you keep quiet and learn the real fundamental principles to pass Jamb 2020.

Is there something to do in order to surely score 300 above in Jamb 2020?

Oh good God, yes, there are a lot of things to do which will guarantee you 300 above in Jamb.

The question is, are you ready to do those things?


Then, let’s ride on.

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How to Prepare for Jamb 2020

The first thing you need to learn is, “How to prepare for Jamb”.

There is no magical strategy to pass Jamb. The only way you can pass Jamb 2020 is to prepare for it.

Before I share some tips on how to prepare for Jamb 2020, let me show you something.

A lesson to learn from those who wrote Jamb in 2019.

Statistics of failure in jamb 2020

Statistics of students who failed in jamb 2020

Jamb 2019 would always be an unforgettable experience in the history of Jamb.

A lot of failures were witnessed and it was evidently showed that a lot of students prepared themselves for examination malpractice and not the real exam.

This is why a lot of candidates failed, as a result of all form of Examination malpractice which was eliminated.

One fact that is undeniable about Jamb 2019 examination is;

“So many failed because they were relying on examination malpractice.”

Though many non-savvy students passed and it only raised one point.

“How you prepare for Jamb matters a lot.”

It is not about being intelligent it is about how you work out your preparation.

how to prepare for jamb

Enrol jupeb

Here are 7 steps to prepare for Jamb 2020.

#1. Shut down all T.v’s in your Life.

The first step to take is to shut down every distraction that will hinder your preparation for Jamb 2020.

girl preparing for jamb

Distractions will always come and you must fight it.

No matter how intelligent you are, distractions can outweigh you.

This is one of the reasons why many Jambite struggles to pass Jamb.

You have an exam to write and you have no time to read, even if you create a little time to read, just one or two hours and zip, book closed!

If you don’t want to be writing jamb every year in your life then you have to just focus for one year.

Yes, you need one year focus, not one month or two weeks focus.

There are a lot of guides out there that makes you think that you can prepare for Jamb in two weeks or prepare for Jamb in one week.

Yes, you can undeniably prepare for Jamb in two weeks, one week, in fact, one night.

But the question is, will two weeks preparation make you pass Jamb?

Enrol jupeb

No way!

Any kind of hastened preparation will always result to waste, you have to prepare for Jamb for a whole full year.

Yes, you need to drop anything that will cause a distraction to you for one year.

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Listen, one-year preparation is not going to kill you, you need to sacrifice something or there is no way you can score above 300 in Jamb.

So, right this minute, think about all the things that will distract you and plan a way to close every distraction and most of all, shut down your T.v and start preparing for Jamb 2020.

#2. Determine which course and institution you want to study in.

Preparing for Jamb is not all about, reading.

One mistake students make is choosing the wrong course or choosing the wrong institution.

girl thinking which course to choose in jamb

You need to determine which course you want to study and the right course and institution.

Knowing these two important things will determine what cut off the mark you need to have in order to gain admission.

“This means before you start preparing for Jamb 2020, you have to decide what course you’re going to study, and what institution you are going to choose.”

This guide “How to choose a course that fits you” will help you choose a course to study at the University or Poly.

Enrol jupeb

If you have written jamb before but did not gain admission, then you need to re-plan.

Are you going to opt in for the same course, and the same school?

Remember, do not make one mistake twice.

#3. Design a Simple Reading Time-table.

The problem most students have is reading, but it looks like it is the only way to pass Jamb.

The big problem that has been on for ages is many students don’t like reading big books especially for the science students who would base more in the calculation.

There is no other strategy to prepare for Jamb if you don’t like reading.

Creating a timetable for Jamb will simplify your reading and make things easy for you.

You need to create a time-table you can follow.

Timing yourself to read 5-8 hours a day may be effective but it is not always realistic, I do not recommend starting with that.

The human brain has a way it works. It works by stages.

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That is, starting with just 2 hours a day. After 1 week and you are improving, you then move to 3 hours a day and that is how you will slowly climb to 8 hours a day.

But if you can’t read 8 hours a day, you don’t have to force yourself.

Go according to your strength when fixing a time for your reading timetable.

#4. Get Jamb Mobile app, Textbook, and Past question.

Next, you need to get a Jamb mobile app.

Search for any Jamb apk on Google, have it installed on your Android phone and start preparing with it.

Also, get jamb past questions.

You need to buy past question ( printed type). Research shows that reading directly from a paper helps more in retention.

You can also download jamb past questions on your mobile phone, but you need to have the printed type.

The last material you need to prepare for jamb is jamb textbooks.

Enrol jupeb

Textbooks are imperative and required for you, please grab a textbook and start reading for Jamb.

#5. Cultivate the habit of night reading.

Take it or leave it. The only way to be fully prepared for jamb is to engage yourself in Night reading.

Night reading is always over-looked by many students. For some, they feel too weak to wake up and study at night.

The night is the best time to read because you will always remember what you read.

So start studying at night and you will definitely perform well in subjects you don’t know.

#6 Attend Jamb Classes.

Jamb tutorial

You need to attend Jamb tutorial in order to pass Jamb.

There are jamb online tutorials available and there are also physical classes that you can take part in.

You cannot always prepare for Jamb on your own, attending tutorials will make you more prepared.

#7 Prepare your body and Mind.

When preparing for Jamb, you need to ensure your mind and body are present.

If you have any challenges around you that will affect your preparation, please try to work them out.

Your mind needs to be present, so also is your body.

Without being in a good state of mind you cannot effectively prepare for Jamb.

The Best Formula on how to pass Jamb 2020.

It’s the #1 question I get…


Why is it that I read, I do all my best but I still can’t score high in Jamb (for those re-writing jamb). 

Countless hours spent researching online for jamb guides, taking lectures, and reading until your eyes feel like they’re going to pop out of your head, and what do you get for it?

It is one thing to know how to prepare for Jamb, but after you put in all the steps needed to be prepared, you need to know how to pass the exam.

So in this section, I will also share 7 rules to pass jamb 2020.

#1 You need to be smart not just intelligent.

When it comes to Jamb, you need more than being intelligent.

The most supreme strategy on how to blast jamb is to be smart.

To be smart may be more than just knowing how to find X in mathematics.

To be smart may be more than knowing the definition of Osmosis in Biology.

To be smart may be more than knowing the arms of government in Government.

What I mean by being smart when dealing with jamb is to know some smart rules of approaching questions.

It entails working smart other than working hard, smart readers don’t read a full textbook, there know exactly what to read and those things are exactly what they get in Jamb.

Smart students know how to answer question fast in Jamb.

So, you have to be smart too.

#2. You must be fast when answering questions in Jamb.

One factor that causes failure for lots of students is time.

How much time do you have to answer the given question? Is it enough to calculate?

Is it enough to remember those things you forgot?

Is it enough to think?

The answer is, Yes, but only for those who are smart.

If you are not smart the time given to answer questions in Jamb will not be enough for you so you have to be smart.

Time really matters, and it is the very reason most Intelligent students fail jamb.

You may know the answer but lack the ability to comprehend fast.

You may also forget the answer.

The best thing to do is to read this guide: How to answer question fast in Jamb.

#3 You must pay the most attention to the Use of English.

Many students actually fail jamb because they performed poorly in Use of English.

Use of English happens to be the most important subject in Jamb and you must give attention to it because it carries more marks and more questions.

I am not saying you should ignore other subject, but I am advising you to base your preparation more in English.

Then you can give the same ratio of preparation to other subject.

When you get to the hall, start with English. I recommend this the most for Science students because, if you start with calculations, you will find out that your brain would be exhausted or tired when it gets to Use of English which carries more mark.

Whichever order you want to follow, just try to give attention more to Use of English.

#4. Think far from Examination Malpractice.

Always use 2019 as an example, if you do not want to waste one year at home then avoid participating in Jamb runz.

Learn more: Is jamb runz legit?

Whether Jamb runz is real or not, don’t take part in it because you may run out of luck.

Examination malpractice is not a way to pass Jamb.

In order to pass Jamb, you need to prepare and I have shared some tips to follow when preparing for Jamb.

#5. Avoid distractions while taking the examination.

Distractions may come while you are in the exam hall.

It may be you thinking of something else, it may the environment. No matter the kind of distraction you have to avoid it and focus on yourself alone.

Focus on the exam and everything would be fine.

#6 Believe and pray.

Believe does help, having a negative mindset will create bad luck for you.

You need to be very prayerful. Believe that you are going to pass, and once you do all the required you will definitely pass and nothing can stop that.

#7 Use the SRSR technique when answering a question.

SRSR technique is a technique I teach my readers in terms of answering the question in Jamb.

It still works, and I am going to teach you.

SRSR is an acronym for:

Scan – S
Recall – R
Solve – S
Re-read – R

The first stage is to scan: This means you have to scan the question first and get the main idea.

While the second stage is to Recall: This means you have to recall anything you remember about that question.

And the third stage is to Solve: This means using what you recalled to solve the question.

Then last stage is to re-read: This means to check through the question and the answer you arrived at to be sure it is correct.

Try to avoid guessing, use this technique and you will get the answer correct.

How to score high in Jamb (part 2).

How to score high in jamb

Do you know what will happen if you don’t pass Jamb in 2020?

Poop! You hear that, it is the sound of me breaking your head if you do not score high in Jamb 2020.

There is no reason you cannot score high in Jamb 2020 because I am about to share more tips for you.

#1 Prepare according to the syllabus.

Very soon, Jamb 2020 syllabus would be out.

For now, stick with Jamb 2019 syllabus.

Ensure you cover the topics pertaining to your course and you will surely score high in jamb 2020.

#2. Ensure you enroll for our Jamb Helpmate platform.

Have you heard of Jamb helpmate?

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Jamb helpmate is a very powerful online strategy that also exists as a mobile application to help Jambites, it was developed by our team here at Osas Divine Blog.

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It serves as a guaranteed solution to help anyone pass Jamb.

Here is how it works.

Jamb helpmate will be your helpmate from the day you take part in it till the day of the examination.

It will help you do the following.

* It will help you create a time table for you to study base on your course.

* It will always watch to see if you are following the timetable.

* It will show you the nearest jamb tutorial center close to you if you want to enroll for a tutorial

* It will enroll you for a free online jamb tutorial in case you prefer online tutorial.

* It will give you all the official syllabus you need to prepare for Jamb.

* You can ask any question and get a reply from your jamb helpmate.

*It contains jamb past questions.

*It contains Jamb 2020 novel. Which you can read.

* It contains all Institution cut off mark.

* It will notify you when Jamb 2020 registration form comes out.

*It will also inform you of the fee and steps to register.

* It can help you plan a course to study in case you don’t know what course to study.

* It can also help you choose the best University to attend.

You can see that it carries a lot of features, it does not only stand as a tool on how to score high in Jamb.

Also see: How to pass jamb without studying.

Jamb helpmate will also help you gain admission.

For now, this unique platform has not been open. But have it at the back of your mind that you will need this to prepare for Jamb 2020.

Leave your email in the comment box and you will get it once it’s out.

#3 Target a high score.

Never settle for less because what you wish is what you get.

After determining what course you want to study, you will definitely know what cut off the mark you need.

You need to score extra 20 marks or more to the normal cut off mark and you will be ready for Jamb.

#4 You need at least 6 months to 1-year preparation

Yes, don’t wait till the dying minute to prepare. Adequate preparation matters a lot.

We recommend 6 months to 1 year for Jamb preparation.

How to read for Jamb.

A lot of people ask this question ” What do I read for Jamb” or “How do i study for jamb

Actually, it is not a silly question because I have seen a lot of jambites preparing the wrong way.

Remember I said, it is not about what you know it is about how you prepare.

You need to read the recommended textbook by Jamb to be prepared for Jamb 2020.

For now, I do not know what course you are offering, but with the aid of Jamb helpmate, once you input the course you’re offering it will show you the textbooks recommended reading for Jamb.

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Another thing is to read the topics specified for your Subject in Jamb syllabus.

How to perform well in a subject you don’t know.

Another thing that I must address is how to perform well in jamb in a subject you don’t know very well.

This is a problem faced by many.

If you have a subject where you’re weak in, you must foremost deal with it.

One subject can affect you in jamb. You must ensure you are good in all subject.

So how do you handle subjects you don’t know in Jamb.

Well, it is more than what I can write, Jamb helpmate can help you deal with weaknesses in any subject you offer, all you have to do is pass through some test and answer some questions.

When you do that, it will show you what subject you performed poorly on.

After that, you have to follow some instruction and you will start improving on those subjects.

All The Best!

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