March 5, 2019

How to answer questions fast in Jamb

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Let me tell you a secret.  Students who answer questions fast in Jamb are likely to score better.

Today I am going to teach you how to answer questions very fast In Jamb.

If you can achieve this, then success is yours.

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I remain ‘Osas Divine’ your Admission coach.

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answering questions with speed in exam


10 ways to answer questions fast in Jamb

  1. Practice before the exam:
  2. Use The S.R.S.R technique for passages
  3. Don’t waste time in one question
  4. Always be focused and Time conscious
  5. Don’t spend more than two minutes on each question
  6. Don’t use the calculator every time, use your brain in most cases
  7. Use the elimination method when answering difficult questions
  8. Never be scared at any time answer boldly
  9. Answer questions you know first
  10. Never give up

1.Practice before the exam:

Practice makes perfect.
Before the exam, get Jamb CBT mobile app with timing feature and practice with it.

How well you do it before the exam, will determine how well you will do in the examination hall.

Spend more of your time practicing.
You will always be good at what you do occasionally.

When I was preparing for my exam I was more based on Past questions.

What I do is set a stopwatch on my phone and time my self. I then try to answer those questions as fast as I can with time, it made me better and I began to answer questions fast in Jamb

2. Use The S.R.S.R technique for passages

The S.R.S.R technique is my favorite tool and I always recommend it for Jamb students in all my jamb guides. Because I know it works and can help you answer vquestions fast in jamb

S.R.S.R technique is a technique that works only for reading passages.

If you noticed, students waste time the most in Jamb Use of English, and that is where you can effectively use the S.R.S.R technique.

Trying to read the passage very well in other to understand.

But today, if you have not heard about the S.R.S.R technique, let me teach you how to use it.

First of all what does  S.R.S.R technique mean?

S = Scan through the passage first

R = Reflect on it as you scan

S = Solve the Question next to the passage

R = Re-read the passage.

Scanning” means just browsing through the whole passage.

That’s the first step. Scan the passage.

When scanning, ensure you reflect on the passage to get the main idea of the Question.

After doing that, go to the Question and see if you can answer it, if you can’t Don’t answer it yet, just make sure you have an idea of the question.  Then go back and re-read.

This time you will automatically be fast and easily understand it.

3.  Don’t waste time in one question.

The most time you should spend while answering a question is 2 minutes.  Anything more than that is slow.

You sure don’t want the time to elapse before you finish. So do your best and leave the rest.

Enrol jupeb

Don’t spend more than two minutes in a question.
Always be focused and Time conscious

4. Always be Focused and Time Conscious

Time is not your friend, be as fast as you can in the exam.
Be time conscious always.

There is no time to start thinking about what you left at home or what you will do when you finish.

Everything about you should be present in the exam all.

Your mind focused and your eye pointing to the computer.

No matter what don’t get distracted by any action taking place in the hall

5. Don’t Spend More than two minutes on one question

Yes, you heard me right.

If you are not quick you won’t have any time left to Cross Check your work.

It’s possible you made mistakes or clicked the wrong answer … for your own good you are only permitted to spend two minutes per question.

6. Don’t use the calculator every time, use your brain in most cases

Enrol jupeb

It is good to use the calculator, but due to experience sometimes it’s better to use your head if you understand some basic of calculations.

Use your head if you feel the calculator is a bit slow, that is if you are good in basic calculations.

Trust me, I used my head for 60% calculation, then while I was writing jamb.

If you are not good in mathematics then no problem you can use the calculator.

It is Not like the Calculator is special. It will only allow you to do simple arithmetic i.e Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication.

Which you can as well use your head to figure.

7. Use “elimination” method when answering difficult questions

One of my favorite.

Whenever you come across a difficult question, instead of wasting your time thinking of the possible answer. Use the Elimination method.

How to use the Elimination Method.

Let’s say you have a question.
First remove the one that you know could not possibly be the answer, usually, one option will not make sense.
Secondly, if you are left with three option, pick the first two you think could be the answer.
Finally, weigh the two answers you have left with the question.

If this doesn’t work for you, just guess if you believe in your instinct.

8. Never be scared at any time answer boldly

Fear can make your hand start shaking.
If your heart is pondering it will indirectly affect you thereby making you slower.

Do not be scared.

Enrol jupeb

Answer boldly, I can see your name in the list of students who scored 260+

9. Answer questions you know first

It’s not a must you answer questions in order.
In order to answer questions fast in jamb, answer the ones you know first. When you are true you can Come back and waste your time on those ones you don’t know.

10. Never Give Up

Everyone keeps saying jamb is difficult! How true is that?

Well, it depends on your belief.

If you think it is difficult you are right!
If you think it’s not, you are also right.

To conclude, never give up.

I remain your ‘Osas Divine’

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