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Advice for any student who failed jamb

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failed jamb

There was this case of a 23 years old girl who had been writing Jamb for 5 years while she watched all her secondary school friends easily gain Admission. – Tope Alabi

Not that she always failed Jamb but she sometimes passes but she doesn’t get Admission. So, therefore, she has to write Jamb over again and again in another year.

I am still in awe after she shared her story of how she has planned never to write Jamb again since the path was not working for her.

Tope Alabi is a living example of a story to glory, hear her

” I have tried all I could and I have always put in my best, I bought all the textbooks I needed and all the required past questions and materials.

I studied night and day and I was always focused, still, yet I struggled with Jamb for 5 years.

I told myself that I won’t write Jamb the following year and I was already planning to tell my parents that I am no longer interested In education and they should convert the money they would have used to sponsor me to open a small shop and be selling clothes in Alaba market.

About one week before the registration closed I came across Osas Divine Facebook post that really encouraged me not to give up by bringing situations of many people like me who had been writing Jamb for many years.

I messaged Osas Divine at that spot and told him how I have been trying to make Jamb and get admission but all to no avail.

 each time I wrote and failed jamb I would be hopeless….”

She was even mocked by her allies as she was referred to as the unserious type in life. Even though she did her best, nothing showed up.

“But after some chat with Osas Divine,  I became a little encouraged and just a day before the registration closed I hurried and registered.

And I told God that this would be the last time I would ever write Jamb……dear friend I didn’t know whether to cry for joy or jump up when I saw my result,  it was the first time I scored above 300 in Five years.

To my greatest surprise, I scored 312 in jamb, it was indeed the last time I failed Jamb. I processed my admission and I was given nursing at the University of Lagos. “


My advice to you if you have failed Jamb

See I don’t care to know how long you have been writing Jamb. Oh, the fruit of persistence! She wanted to quit, but refused to! Yes!  Her friends who were already in school laughed at her, oh I remember how they also mocked me when I struggled with Jamb too, but today Admission has located her.

That is how Admission would locate you this year! Ah! There’s always a story behind every glory. That’s why you must never give up! *Sometimes it’s the Last Key in the bunch that opens the lock!* Obstacles are put in your way to see if what you want is dear to you!

Don’t forget this ” *The difference between the DIFFICULT and the IMPOSSIBLE is that the IMPOSSIBLE takes a little longer”

There is a reason for any delay,  but don’t forget delay is no denial.

Keep doing your best.

What you must do in other to make this year the last time you would write Jamb.

1. Invest enough in Good materials
2. Drop distractions
3. Surround yourself with Like Minds.
4. Drop your old mindset  and wear a new gown
5. War a good warfare in your closest tonight
6. Get busy! Get occupied and start dining all day with your book.
7. Don’t memorize be very ready for the examination study to remember.
8. Take Jamb CBT and test your level of readiness.
9. Decease from Exam malpractice mindset.
10. Envelop yourself with the mindset that this year Admission awaits you.

Invest enough in Good materials.

Many jambites are very selfish for their own life, if you can’t spend for your success,  Please tell me, what would you spend on.

Walk into the bookshop. Get Jamb textbooks,  Get jamb past questions and answers get Jamb key points.  Get enough material and chew them all.

No wonder they say! If you want to hide money from a black man put it inside a book.

I know you don’t like reading, 1-hour read is not enough.

Read my guide ” How to fall in Love with your books and enjoy reading”

It would really help you.

From today start investing in good books.

Drop distractions

Your enemies have a strategy they are using that you don’t know.

Let me tell you,  the time you are having so many friends,  so many fun things to do, and events that will engage yourself is the exact definition of your enemies have finally got you.

Your enemies would surely bring things and people to distract you,  if you can’t resist them, they are going to weigh you down.

Yes, even your closest friend can be a distraction to you,  your phone can be a distraction to you. …and so much more things that look like goodies to you.

Now that you know these, it’s time to say no to everything that would come your way to distract you.

Enrol jupeb

This year unless you sacrifice some things you would keep having the same result you had last year.

So count all those things that won’t help you and kick them away.

Start like this ….carry your phone and say ” Hey you’re a distraction to me I don’t want you anymore” Then kick it away.

Lol! Don’t say I am the one that sends you shall.

In a nutshell, start kicking distractions out of your way as from today.

Surround yourself with Like Minds.

Birds of a feather,  Flocks together.

Listen you can’t expect to fly like an eagle when you’re clinging around chickens. 

Who are the people you move with? Do you know those people can define whether or not you would succeed?

I beg your pardon, my dear friend,  run away from people that would waste your time.
It’s my friend. friend that has killed many people. Pull yourself out of the crowd, you would have enough time for them after your exams.

For now, move with people that you can benefit from. In a nutshell,  throw away parasitic relationships and get symbiotic relationships.

The company you keep will tell where you’re going and would either make or mar you.

Enrol jupeb

Drop your old mindset and wear a new gown.

What I mean is simply stop thinking about your past failures.

Stop thinking about the past as a whole, if you keep reminding yourself of how you failed then you’re inviting failure once more.

Put on new armor and a gown of faith.

This year I can see you wearing your matriculation gown,  I can see you jubilating and celebrating your admission,  I can see you dancing with your friends and family,  I can see you in school sharing your story.

I can see you encouraging others the way I am encouraging you now,  I can see you shinning your teeth forgetting to close it…

I can see you coming back to share your story in Osas Divine Blog.

Whether the devil Likes it or not this is your year of Success.

War a good warfare in your closest tonight

Sometimes failure is not your fault,  I still believe that there are some enemies who don’t want your success,  people who have sworn to watch you fail and fail.

Unless you handle it in the spiritual you may keep struggling with just an ordinary exam.

Haven’t you taught about it! Many people you’re far intelligent than are already in their final year in school, even your old secondary school friends.

If you have been doing your best physically then it’s time to go on the spiritual.

Enrol jupeb

Trust me you can’t lose a battle with God.

It’s time to war a good warfare,  like Peter,  like Timothy like Job, like Tope Alabi ( the lady In our story) and like me.

I don’t care what religion you’re whether a Muslim or a Christian,  all I know is today go to your closest and talk to your God.

Let me tell you something! A Tear is a prayer.

If you can cry, do it painfully.

If heaven can hear your tears then it would provoke God’s favor, but if you keep your mouth closed, you are supporting the enemies who are shutting down your success.

It’s time for your spiritual battle.

War a good warfare in your closest tonight.

Success is not free. You have to pay for it, If you don’t want to tell a story of how you failed Jamb anymore,  then get yourself acquainted to study.

Study violently

When you finish eating,  get your books.
When you wake up in the morning get your books
When you are at work, put your books beside you.

Your book should be your closest friend.

There is an amazing reward for hard work.

At night wake up and study.

If reading can gain 70% of your life….there is 70% chance as well that you would never fail jamb again.

So get busy on your books.

Idleness would kill your brain so get busy every single hour of the day with studies.

Don’t memorize be very ready for the examination study to remember. 

Wherever you have heard that it’s good to memorize.

It may be partially correct if you find it hard to understand that thing.

But it can impose dangers on you because exam fear can make you forget what you crammed.

Enrol jupeb

So don’t go with that option.

Please, I don’t want to hear that you failed Jamb this year.

Read and understand,  don’t give up if you don’t understand it…keep trying to get your friends to help you out.

Interact don’t sit in one place and say you don’t understand.

Meet people that can help you out.

Education is not about learning on your own,  you have to as well learn from others.

Majority of what would stick in your brain is what you learned from others.

If possible go to tutorials.

Take Jamb CBT and test your level of readiness.

Many students have a mobile phone,  please what are you using your own for?

Playing games? Chatting?

Oh! When have you used it to download applications (jamb CBT mobile app)?

Don’t use your hand to spoil your success,  get Jamb CBT apps and practice with it on your phone instead of using it for things that are irrelevant.

Test your level of readiness with it, discover your weaknesses and fix them in accordance.

You can download Jamb prep, it’s free and very powerful. If you can’t afford myschool or flashlearners CBT app, get Jamb prep I bet you would find it triple Useful, I used that in my own preparation.


Decease from Exam malpractice mindset. 

I have never failed to talk about this in any of my Jamb guides.

People think Jamb runz can make them pass, but to their own stupidity,  they don’t know the runz would make them fail jamb instead.

I have shared my story of how Jamb runz killed me Twice.

I have listed so many things and tips that would help you pass Jamb, please don’t do otherwise.

Envelop yourself with the mindset that this year Admission awaits you. 

Yes, I know it and I don’t have any doubt.  You have made it, I see you at the top of life.

I like your faith please keep it alive keep it burning.

Please don’t forget I am ‘Osas Divine’ your admission coach.

Did you enjoy this, then while not stick around with me.

Like and follow my Facebook page and you would keep getting more like this guide to keep your fire burning.

If you keep reading my guides you would surely make this year jamb because when I write I have already spoken and made declarations that whatsoever eyes read my write up,  it’s the end of failure in their life.

This is the best advice I have for anyone who failed Jamb.

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